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Southern NH Drug Testing can supply you with the most reliable, complete, and current Background Check and Records Reports available today. Our criminal background checks are second only to the FBI. With Southern NH Background checks as your partner, you will receive up-to-date and dependable information, legal compliance with all applicable federal/state/local laws, unparalleled customer service.



Criminal History Reports

InstaCriminal Nationwide Search

A powerful, virtually instant multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records. This database is compiled from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), and state sex offender registries from across the country. Also included in each search are national and international terrorism sources such as Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This search includes the National Sex & Violent Offender Database, P.R.I.O.R.S. and the Foreign Nationals Database.


Single State Search

A rapid-return report of information from a specific state’s courts and agencies. Sources include Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, county courts and sex offender registries, including the National Sex & Violent Offender Database.

Criminal Search – Single County

Criminal record search in any U.S. County, via the Clerk of Courts Office in the specific county responsible for the applicant’s current and/or former resident and/or work addresses. Searches felony and/or misdemeanor indexes (involving statutory offenses) for the past 7 years. Multiple names and/or addresses require separate searches. PLEASE NOTE: Results take longer than InstaCriminal searches but are more in-depth and detailed.

Federal Criminal Search

Reveals criminal complaints brought by the U.S. government against defendants for violations of federal criminal law.

Sex Offenders Registry Search

This powerful search is included in most of the Criminal Checks above. This report checks the sex offender registry of all 50 states and Puerto Rico. In addition to all the individual state registries, the National Sex Offender Registry and the FBI Sex Offender Registry are searched. This provides you with the most accurate and complete search tool available to you as a business owner or landlord.

Social Security Validation

This Identity Search and Address Trace Report provides insight into applicant’s residency and movement patterns by returning full name, age and DOB, a complete address history, including dates and phone numbers at listed addresses. As an additional barrier to identity theft, data is crosschecked through the Social Security Death Index, which is designed to prevent stealing of a deceased person’s identity.

Drivers License Validation and History

MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) searches information compiled from an individual state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Reports access 3-7 years of license data (depending on the state) and will include such information as license status, suspensions or revocations, moving violations, DUIs, point accumulation, chargeable accidents, court appearances and departmental actions. Motor Vehicle Report fees are subject to individual state charges.

Commercial Driver’s License Validation and History (CDLIS)

This Commercial Driver’s License Information System Search is a check of the database maintained by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to ensure single license issuance nationwide. This enables employers to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements and helps eliminate a candidate who does not hold a valid Commercial Driver’s license (CDL). This search provides name, DOB, S.S. # match, AKA information, present jurisdictional state and license number and up to three previously held CDL numbers.

Credit Reports for Employment or Tenancy

Employment Credit Report accesses the applicant’s credit history, including identifying information, public records, outstanding debt, payment history, loans and mortgages, late payments and defaults, and credit inquiries. (Report provided through TransUnion.) PLEASE NOTE: A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report.

Tenant Credit Report with FICO Score provides all information included in the Employment Credit Report, plus a FICO score—a quick snapshot of risk. FICO scores are based on the best-known and most widely used credit score model in the country and are used widely by banks and other institutions to make informed lending decisions. PLEASE NOTE: A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report.

Address Verification

Our Residence Verification compares applicant information against a national registry database to confirm whether listed references are accurate.

Education Verification

A verification specialist will contact the school, college, university, or other educational institution or agency that granted the degree or certificate. The education verification report will include dates of attendance, degree, major or program, and graduation date, if applicable. PLEASE NOTE: A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report.

Professional License Verification's

Professional License Verification—Public Verification with the state or federal issuing authority of the applicant’s license, certification or credentials, the date of issue, expiration date and status. PLEASE NOTE: A signed Disclosure and Release Form is required to run this report.

Employment Verification

An employment verification specialist will contact the employer to verify information reported by the employee on a job application or resume. The report will contain dates of employment, last position held and eligibility for rehire.

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