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If you are looking for a reliable drug testing collection service in Hampton, NH, look no further than SNH Drug Testing LLC. We offer drug testing services for individuals and businesses utilizing SAMSHA Certified Labs. Our company specializes in comprehensive testing services including workplace, on-site and hair follicle drug testing. You can also count on us for DNA/paternity testing.

NEW Service DOT FMCSA and Coast Guard Physicals!

           Our Testing Services Includes:


  •        DOT FMCSA & Coast Guard Physicals   NEW SERVICE  

  •          DOT Compliance Drug and Alcohol

  •          Breath Alcohol

  •          Hair Follicle & Oral Fluid Drug Testing

  •          Drug/Alcohol Policy Development and Compliance

  •          Individual and Family

  •          DNA / Paternity Testing

  •          Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol

  •          Pre-Employment

  •          Random

  •          Post-Accident

  •          Reasonable Suspicion

  •          Return-To-Duty

  •          Follow-Up

  •          Rapid Screen (Instant Testing)

  •          Enroll in a DOT or Non- DOT Consortium Program

  •          Steroid Testing

What Is a Drug-Free Workplace Program – Federal, DOT, and Non-DOT

In the United States, where this issue has been studied to some extent, one out of every 12 employees and one out of five employees between 18 and 25 use some illicit drug at least once a month. The youngest age group, those just entering the workforce, has by far the greatest prevalence of use. This should be a great concern for employers as they bring on future workers. The drugs most commonly abused are cannabis, cocaine, barbiturates, amphetamines, methamphetamines and opioids, with cannabis (marijuana), by far, being the most prevalent.

Your business can implement the 5 key components of a drug free workplace program easily with a turnkey program offered by Southern NH Drug Testing, LLC. Your customized drug free workplace will consist of:

  1. A written policy

  2. Employee education

  3. Supervisor training

  4. An employee assistance program (EAP)

  5. Drug testing